Rasheed seeks apology from forces for ‘killing Kashmiris, branding them foreign militants’


Asking security agencies especially J&K Police to understand the “sentiments and pain” of the families of those killed in encounters, MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Wednesday condemned the burial of local Kashmiri youth without ascertaining their whereabouts and simply calling them as “foreign militants. “

Rasheed in a statement asked the police and army to apologize for claiming to have killed five foreign militants in Bandipora but now when the families of the deceased hailing from south Kashmir and Kangan have rebutted the claims, the administration should have handed over the bodies without making excuses.

“It seems a strategy to bury the slain local youth after encounters calling them unknown or foreign militants and then asking the real heirs of the slain militants to go through DNA sampling to authenticate their claim,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed saying.

Rasheed also appealed authorities to hand over the bodies of slain militants killed in Bandipora encounter to their families and asked state police to take care of the religious and social sensitivities affiliated to these horrible incidents.


  1. Sir, With Regards …Terrorism has no religion.

    If the Families declare beforehand that their boys have picked up the gun it will help everybody.

    If picking up the gun is not wrong then what’s wrong in declaring that my child has picked up the gun.

    I am from Mumbai and I feel the Mumbai / Punjab police should be given control of Kashmir.

    People all over the world are facing problems . But when they pick up the gun to solve their problems then it Is a law and order problem.
    Regards ,


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