Rashid observes Kashmir National Day, demands holiday on June 7




Much to the surprise of the people and political circles of valley at large, engineer turned law maker and Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) president, Er Rashid Saturday observed National Day of Kashmir for the first time in the history of J&K.

Pertinently, J&K has its own flag and constitution which was adopted on the 7th day of June 1952.

AIP organized a function in the Municipal Park Srinagar and hoisted the J&K flag amidst playing of the National Anthem of J&K.

Before hoisting the state flag at the venue, Rashid in his address said that the rally was not political. He said, “Kashmiris have their own identity so we have to preserve it even if our blood is spilled.”

Giving historical significance of the day (June 7), Rashid said that the constituent assembly of the state of J&K has given its own constitution, state flag and national anthem. However, he said, “India has been eroding it since 1953 and now Kashmir has woken up and Kashmiris shall now revive their identity.”

He started his speech, lamenting the life in Kashmir, with the poem of Habib Jalib: “Zulm Bhi Rahay, Aman Bhi Ho —– Kya Mumkin Hai, Tum Hi Kaho ———————– Ye Jeevan Bhi Kya Jeevan Hai —– Aag Lagay Iss Jeevan Ko.”

Rashid while divulging into the historical details of the beleaguered state said, “Actually it is the state of Kashmir not Jammu and Kashmir.”

“But India has been cutting parts of the body of Kashmir state into regions and sub regions,” he said. Adding, “We shall not let any more erosion of Kashmir’s identity.”

He said, “We respect India, its Constitution but Kashmir’s national flag and national anthem is equal to the stature of its flag and national anthem.”

Appealing major political parties of state to declare June 7 as national holiday, Rashid said, “It is under conspiracy that no state flag is being displayed in any of the district headquarters except secretariat but from next year, we shall be raising flag and singing national anthem at every district headquarter.”

He made his supporters pledge that they shall preserve their identity.

Rashid said, “Aek Vidhan, Aek Pradhan Aur Aek Nishan of BJP shall not apply to State of Jammu and Kashmir. “They (BJP) should know that we had our own PM, Constitution and Parliament and their policy apply to states beyond Lakhanpur,” he said.

Commenting upon the settlement of PaK refugees in Jammu, Rashid said, “We won’t let BJP to change demography of the state which has given 15 days ultimatum to Bangladeshi refugees to leave the state and settling non-natives here.”

“Six lakh people have given sacrifice for the resolution of Kashmir and let Modi abrogate Article 370, world will know that Kashmir is not any country’s integral part.”

Rashid unfurled the state flag and national anthem was played and sung by the audience while tears trickling down his cheeks. “Wake up Kashmir, save your identity otherwise you will cease to exist,” he exclaimed.

He said that the flag unfurled is not any party’s property but the national flag of state of Kashmir.

“The flag doesn’t belong to National Conference but it is the state’s flag. NC has itself disrespected its flag and is in process of burying it,” he added.

As Rashid came down from the dais his supporters shouted slogans: “Jis Kashmir ko khoon say seencha —– woh Kashmir hamara hai.”


  1. This is great gathering and observation of Kashmir day and it should also be encouraged down to our future generations starting with current,although this was not Political gathering or observation but it should be as such that all kashmiris are made aware of our struggle and our duties to our beloved nation Kashmir,such a observation should also be spread to our other half Azad Kashmir including Gilgit Baltistan and close co’ordination between Politicians and Members of Political party Officials such as AIP should also liase with those on Azad Kashmir side in private capacity to share Ideas between the two sides. Kashmiri flag and anthem should be made regular feature in our daily life like reading anthems in schools prior to school beginning in the Morning,and should spread into all areas including Azad Kashmir. We fully support efforts by Brothers Rashid and his colleagues to observe such flag raising and anthems playing, where possible make the tourists aware of the conflicts in kashmir and try to persuade the Europeans to raise the Kashmir issues to their respective governments.It is extremely important that we introduce our selves as Kashmiri abroad anywhere in the world so that people know who we are and where we come from so that people are aquainted with name Kashmir.Kashmir on both sides need to unite on one Agenda and that is Independent Kashmir no Allegiance with neither Pakistan or India no sorry our martyred did not gave their lives to be enslaved by Occupiers again and again and those who talk of Allegiance either need to be brought into Unity fold or rejected latter as last resort we shall alos reject the abolishment or abrogation of article 370 at any cost and oppose any such move that would force kashmir to be intergral part of India or any on other side to Pakistan.strcitly no Allegiance.Brothers keep up the good work.


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