Rashid reacts harshly on CMs Lal Batti comment

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President Awami Ittihaad Party and MLA Langate Er Rashid has termed Chief Minister’s comments over Supreme Court’s judgment seeking removal of ‘Lal Batti’ from vehicles of VIPs, as a mere joke.

“Every Kashmiri knows when ever Chief Minister passes through a street how much inconvenience is caused to the common masses as security agencies don’t allow people to travel even on foot unless he doesn’t cross the place,” Rashid said in a statement and added “Mr Omer can’t explain the logic behind having nearly a half dozen high profile empty vehicles of one and the same color and quality with his cavalcade.”

“Before tweeting on Lal Batti, Mr Omer Should seek a report from the police or CID that how a driver namely Mohammadd Abbas was insulted and beaten ruthlessly, just two days back in Handwara by Police for not being quick enough to give passage to cavalcade of two cabinet colleagues Chowdari Mohammad Ramzan and Mohammad Akbar Lone. Can Mr Omer Abdullah show the morality and seek apology from the said driver?” asked Rashid.

Rashid further said, “People of the state have a right to know from Mr Omer Abdullah that how many political renegades including block presidents of ruling alliance and their other blue eyed persons are enjoying various perks and privileges in the name of so called security threat. May Omer Abdullah dare one day to have a surprise check at a four way in Jammu or Srinagar and find out how the government vehicles are misused by families of bureaucrats, police officers and political renegades.”

He added that this class has also been enjoying ‘A’ class and five star accommodations in both Jammu, Srinagar and at other places. “Unless Chief Minister does not introspect himself and remove unnecessary burden from the state exchequer his hallow slogans may make no difference. He must has to realize that he has to change first himself and curtail his heavy expenses on tours and other enjoyments and common people and others will take definitely a cue from the Chief Minister and will follow the line,” Rashid said.

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