Rashid says he is Undecided about RS Vote


KL Report


MLA Langate Er Rashid Wednesday said that before taking a final call about casting his vote or otherwise in the Rajya Sabha elections, he wants to satisfy himself in the court of conscience and court of God besides taking care of sentiments and aspirations of people, who have voted for him.

“I am yet undecided as on one hand I wish communal forces not to win but at the same time I have to vote for the congress, whose track record is not so encouraging  when it comes to Kashmir. Even if I decide to abstain from the voting it would ensure BJP’s victory,” Rashid said in a statement.

“Who doesn’t know about the track record and future designs of BJP but congress too has committed many blunders and pushed Kashmiris to the wall,” Rashid said adding “Let it be clear that government formation in the State and Rajya Sabha elections, are two different things. My offer of unconditional support to PDP for formation of non-BJP govt was in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of people of the State, while as voting in the Rajya Sabha has directly not to do much with the affairs of the State and any unconditional support for the Rajya Sabha may create many apprehensions in my own conscience.”

Rashid cleared that the delay in deciding about the casting Rajya Sabha vote is purely to see from the various angles and by no ways it should mean that wants to make it a sensational issue for his publicity or any other gains. “The fact of the matter is that I feel myself in a very tough and tricky situation where I need to care for my people and my conscience more than that for BJP, Congress or PDP”.

Rashid also reiterated that he is not part of any third front but his meetings and understanding with M Y Traigami and Hakeem Mohammad Yasin are always issue specific. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have unanimity over every issue,” Rashid said.


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