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President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has expressed his anger and anguish against the government for not paying any ex gratia relief to the heirs of late Ab Rehman Dar, who died as a result of ambulance halt.

Rashid said that though Chief Minister claimed to be in knowhow of the incident but still not paying any ex gratia to the family is “unfortunate” and “condemnable”.

He also termed filing of PIL by few lawyers before the state High Court as “unfortunate.”

“Every citizen has a fundamental right to seek justice from the honorable court but the petitioners have a moral obligation to tell the society that how does their petition fulfill the criteria of being called as a Public Interest Litigation, as their demand to quash the FIR related to the tragic incident is by no ways something that can be called issue of ‘Public Interest’. Like every responsible citizen lawyers who are supposed to be eyes and ears of common man, should have shown their full sympathy towards the family of the victim,” Rashid said.

He added: “But unfortunately they seem to be keen and bent upon making it an issue of ego. Their allegation that I as an MLA am trying to politicize the issue is unfortunate and biased as how come can a death of a person become political when it has nothing to do with the politics. The attempts by these few lawyers seem to divert focus from a pure humanitarian issue which has nothing to do with disgracing or harming any one.”


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