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President AIP Engineer Rashid has strongly criticized Taj Mohidin for saying “autonomy or something else cannot be given to Kashmiris” and added the logic and arguments of Taj Mohidin are ridiculous and far away from the facts.

“If Taj Mohidin is so curious to prove that J&K is an integral part of India and nothing will be given to reward tremendous sacrifices of Kashmiris rendered for the solution of internationally accepted dispute  then it will be more proper for him to hold an indefinite fast against Jawahar lal Nehru at his Samadhi seeking an answer from his soul that why he went to United Nations to seek right to self determination for Kashmiris,” Rashid said in a statement.

Rashid said that revelations made by DIG Dg Vanzara regarding fake encounters in Gujrat by Narender Modi government should have been eye opener and awake the conscience of those who often label human rights activists, raising voices against such incidents as antinationalist and agents of Pakistan.

Addressing his party workers at Handwara Rashid said that Vanzara has confirmed the long and deep existing Nexus between Modi government and the Gujrat police to carryout fake encounters of Innocents Muslims in an organized manner.

Obliviously Modi and other politicians have been doing it for the vested political interests. He said, “though Vanzara has revealed nothing new but has confirmed all that what people have been crying since years. It is a matter of great importance to see that if Amit shah and Vanzara are hanged in the same manner like Ajmal Kasab was hanged.”

One must not be in an illusion that UPA government or other agencies are fighting hard to uphold the norms of justice by carrying forward the investigation in the dirty game being played by Narender Modi, Amit Shah and Vanzara but Congress is just trying it to put Modi  into huge embracement and wants to feel Indian Muslims who are bleeding at the hands of state terrorism, happy. “The same congress which is crying of fighting for justice for Surabudin, Kauser Bibi and Ishrat Jahan and dozens of others killed in these fake encounters is unfortunately proving itself much more worse than Modi when it comes to Kashmir’ he said.

“Whether it is Machil fake encounter,  Pathribal fake encounter or dozens of such incidents, the UPA government at the centre and it’s coalition partners ruling J&K do not only keep criminal silence but also  use every dirty and pity experiment to save those who are wearing uniform to protect the Kashmiris but are actually indulging in fake encounters and gross root human rights violations,” Rashid said. He further added that there are many Vanzaras roaming free in J&K and enjoying patronage of people belonging to the class of Amit shah and Modi Modi in J&K.

“J&K is having many Vanzaras, Amit Shah’s and Narender Modi’s and time has come when these dozens of Vanzaras, Amitshah’s and Narender Modi’s of J&K need to be exposed and brought before the justice so that hundreds of likewise families of Surabudin’s and Kauser Bibi’s and other unsung heroes of Kashmir do get a feeling that justice will be done with them even against all the odds,” Rashid concluded.


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