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Member Parliament (MP) Ghulam Nabi Ratanpuri   has requested the Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani  to condemn the killing of ASI Farooq Ahmed sheikh, work towards elimination of gun-culture and suggested to facilitate honest public representatives.

Ratanpuri on Saturday evening after visiting the bereaved family of Farooq who was killed by unidentified gunmen in Pulwama on Friday, drove to Hyderpora residence of Geelani.

“I met Geelani to convey my anguish over the killing of Farooq and of all those who knew the slain cop as a gentle, hurtles, sociable and even naive human being,” Ratanpuri said in a statement.

 “ASI Farooq Ahmed could not have committed any wrong and even if any policeman’s action annoyed any person that does not qualify him for execution. If a society itself shows scant respect for human life and human rights, it should not expect any sympathy from the civilised world and definitely faces the prospect of isolation. Geelani Sahib wields influence over the militants groups and he can and should try to end such violence that has brought only death, destruction, tears and destitution of hundreds of thousands Kashmiris, Ratanpuri added in his statement.”

Ratanpuri according to his statement requested the old ailing leader to think of such means of protest that does not contribute to further miseries, violence, destruction or disempowerment in educational, social and economic sheers too.

“I tried to convey Geelani Sahab that strikes are hurting only Kashmiris and those who resort to them have not achieved anything during the last 23 years,” Ratanpuri said adding he opined that educational, social and economic empowerment can become a vehicle for political empowerment.

According to the statement replying to Geelani’s observations regarding governance, corruption and police high handedness, Ratanpuri suggested him to facilitate improvement on all these fronts by his positive contribution towards election of genuine and honest public representatives.

Ratanpuri also told Geelani that these problems are not specific to J&K but found all over the developing world and in south Asia all the countries have almost similar problems with governance, police, politicians and bureaucracy and as a first step towards betterment charity must begin at home.


  1. Geelani sahib doesnt need any1s advice on how 2 protest and if any 1 wants any change he shud com up with som concrete solutions nt just advices. As a plotician geelani sb has had an illustrious career as MLA. Hez well versed wid d naunces and plotical dictum……..alllaho akbar


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