Razor-edge Dance: Cultural Frames from Bakhshi’s Stadium

Two days ahead, groups of artists set Srinagar’s Bakhshi Stadium on fire by dancing on popular tunes to perfect their moves slated to be displayed for the main August 15 function. With the city managing its sluggish pace through barricades and drop-gates, the rehearsals showcased a different Kashmir. Bilal Bahadur captured the colourful frames for the readers 


It was a different space and time unlike the one that existed outside the gates of Bakhshi Stadium. Young artists danced non-stop to prepare for August 15, the day when they will be entertaining who’s who in state officialdom.


What was unfolding inside were the scenes rooted in professional performance. But while they dance, the outside world will come to standstill on August 15. Some performances can surely freeze.


The rehearsals proved a melting pot for the three different regional cultures. For some, it was a mosaic of the colours and the contrasts. But on face of amplifying decibels, ensued foot-tapping moments only cut the image of different Kashmir inside Bakhshi’s Stadium.


Projecting Kashmir through its traditional dress and folk-music, the day witnessed old scripts being reenacted by a different troupe.


Majority of those turned up for August 15 rehearsals were mix of professionals, artists and students. For them, the bulky dress did not seem too heavy to manage the scorching heat. DSC_3483

They weren’t doing it for the first time and they won’t be doing it for the last time. But the day marked with traditional foot-stomping couldn’t come closer to the street-tapping moment known to sublime Kashmir.


Some of them danced their way out of the group apparently under the effect of pitched up tunes. Some performances fell well out of place.


And this delight!

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  1. ya. right. this is neither our culture nor does our religion permits it. It’s the agencies behind our people who take us far away from our religion in the name of fame & money. I feel ashamed of these people performing.
    they have brought shame to our religion & should be dealt accordingly by public.


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