R&B macadamizes a lane in Zoonimar ‘out of favour’, show-cause notice issued to ‘on deputation’ JE, contractor


Days after the employees of Roads and Buildings (R&B) department Srinagar were manhandled by the residents of Kokar Bazar Zoonimar for macadamising a street out of favour in the vicinity the Assistant Executive Engineer R&B Bashir Ahmad has issued a show cause notice to a Junior Engineer, who was working on deputation in the area.

Sources in the department said that the said engineer is posted at sub division R&B Barbar Shah. However, the executive engineer R&B had sent him ‘on deputation’ to Zoonimar area to assist the junior engineer of the area.

The residents of the area alleged that the employees of the department and the contractor ‘out of favour’ macadamised only one lane of the area. They said that the daughter of a police officer resides in the said lane.

“The contractor and two junior engineer’s including works supervisor and a road guard late Friday night at around 11 PM macadamized a lane that leads to the house of the daughter of a police officer. When questioned on why they didn’t macadamise the rest of the lanes, they entered into an altercation with the locals. This enraged the locals who manhandled them,” a resident, witness to the incident, told Kashmir Life.

Executive Engineer, R&B Naeem Ahmad Khan blamed the contractor for macadamizing just one lane. “It is the contractor who is at fault.”

AEE, Bashir Ahmad said that it was the contractor who had macadamised the lane and the department was not kept in loop about the said work. “We are not going to pay him for the work. He out of his own will has macadamised the said lane,” AEE said.

When questioned as to why the contractor was accompanied by the employees of the department, he feigned ignorance.

Zoonimar area of the Srinagar city comes under the Right River Circular Division Ist of R&B Department.


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