‘Re-employment in Kashmir University ruins talent’

KL Report


Kashmir University has re-employed number of officials from past three years. Retired officials are preferred over young qualified and talented youth.

Sources told a Srinagar based news gathering agency that in University Health Centre two doctors were re-reemployed from last three years thrice on the basis of political affiliation. The said medical officers retired three years back, but were re-employed at a time when scores of doctors are waiting for their appointment.

Sources further said that scores of Professors have also been re-employed in Varsity on the basis of political affiliations.

A University official said that scores of university professors were reemployed in various departments like in Centre for Research and Development (CORD). “One professor was reemployed twice, when dozens of doctorate candidates are unemployed in Kashmir,” he said.

“Two Professors and one Associate Professors were given extension in Chemistry Department. I completed my PhD in Chemistry from France and was eagerly waiting for my appointment but to my surprise and dismay another Professor was given extension,” one of the PhD holder told CNS adding that giving extension to retired teachers discourages youth of the valley.

“KUTA was always against the extension policy and reemployment of teachers in the varsity, why you give extension and reemploy the teachers, when you have over two hundreds PhD candidates in the Valley in all streams available, which are near to overage. This system also harms the interests of promotion of assistant professors and associate professors,” said one of the assistant professor of Arts faculty.


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