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Welcoming Dr. Farooq’s stand on article 35-A and article 370, AIP president Er Rasheed has appealed NC leadership to return to their original agenda of the right to self-determination for people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Er Rasheed in a statement said, “The facts have proven that disbanding plebiscite movement in 1975 after Indra Abdullah accord was a huge blunder and had late Sheikh sahib shown consistency, things would have been altogether different.”

“The decision taken by NC leadership to boycott the upcoming local body polls is a confession that participating in army-sponsored elections to the state assembly in 1996 was a mistake and a turning point in India’s favour. While masses, by and large, boycotted 1996 elections but afterward participated in elections became a compulsion for common Kashmiris,” said Er Rasheed.

Er Rasheed added, however, it would not be in the interest of Kashmiris to get indulged in blame games and if Dr Farooq Abdullah and his collogues have started realizing that New Delhi just wants to first use and then throw Kashmiris it should be welcomed, subject to the condition they show consistency.

Er Rasheed said “batting for the preservation of 35-A by Dr Farooq Abdullah is the voice of every Kashmiri but the issue is how should the leadership of various streams persuade New Delhi for a peaceful settlement to the 70-year long-pending dispute. Since NC has played a key role in the entire Kashmir history since 1947 as such it is moral responsibility of the party leadership to respect the sentiments of masses. It is high time for the party leadership to return to its original agenda of seeking a plebiscite on both sides of LOC.”

Er Rasheed appealed Farooq Abdullah to show consistency, give up the autonomy slogan and revive plebiscite movement and added that not only AIP but every nationalist Kashmiri will support Dr Farooq Abdullah and his party if the party returns to its original agenda of seeking plebiscite for entire Jammu and Kashmir.


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