Realise importance of Cultural Heritage, a binding force for communities: Dr Drabu


Cultural heritage plays a vital role in our life and keeps us attached with our tradition and beliefs, this was stated minister for Finance, Labour & Employment Dr Haseeb A Drabu on Wednesday.

Dr Drabu was addressing the dignitaries during the inauguration of the Exhibition, Cultural Heritage Practice in India and release of the Monograph HRIDAY Reflections, at the 19th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium ICOMOS (Heritage and Democracy), at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

“It is the prime duty of any civilized society to protect and preserve its cultural heritage. Without cultural, historical artefacts, civilization had no memory and no mechanism to learn from its successes and failures,” he said.

Emphasizing that cultural heritage needs to be passed to the future generations, Dr Drabu said people must realize its importance. He said that people should come forward for their contribution in promoting heritage awareness and love for historical structures among all.

Dr Haseeb A Drabu at a function in New Delhi (KL Image: DIPR)

“Cultural heritage has historical, social, aesthetical and scientific significance thus it is very important to understand and determine its significance for the purpose of its preservation and protection’, he said and added that “the best way to preserve our cultural heritage, whatever it may be, is to share it with others. It is our responsibility to keep world history intact for the coming generations so that they have the same opportunities to learn about the past and their own roots as we have.”

Dr Drabu said that keeping in mind the present challenging times, conservation of heritage buildings provides a sense of uniqueness and permanence in a fast-changing world for future generations. It plays a critical role in defining the landmark within the heritage area besides, generates revenue and supports the tourism industry.

Dr Drabu said that “it’s an exceptional event to meet hundreds of heritage professionals given the diversity of their skills whether archaeologists, architects, urban planners, engineers curators, building conservation professionals, art historians etc. ICOMOS provides great opportunity for heritage professionals and enthusiasts to come together on a common platform to deliberate on various aspects of heritage, conservation and management and also to get a chance to interact with experts and comprehend the emerging issues and case studies.

On the occasion, Dr Drabu desired to organise such events in Jammu and Kashmir for promotion of its cultural ethnicity so as to increase the sense of preservation of cultural identity and paving the path for creative entrepreneurs and rejuvenation of the intangible cultural heritage of the state.

ICOMOS India has organized 19th General Assembly from 11th to 15th December 2017 with a mission to promote and enhance professionalism in conservation, management planning and development of India’s diverse heritage.



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