Recommendations on AFSPA a Welcome Step, says PDP



Senior Leader and PDP Spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg Friday welcomed the recommendations for removal of AFSPA made by Amnesty International.

Beg termed it as a ‘vindication of PDP’s stand on the issue’ and appealed to the Union government to consider the recommendations made by Amnesty International in its report that is based on detailed fact finding. He reiterated that it does not behove a Democratic Country like India to have a draconian law like AFSPA exist in any part.

The PDP Chief Spokesperson also lauded the Government for giving a loud and clear message that honesty coupled with the ‘ability to deliver’ shall be the order of the day.

Dr Beg welcomed the concrete steps taken by the Government in this regard, having shown the door to 63 Government Officials with dishonest credentials. He lauded the Chief Minister for setting a clear agenda and sending down a categoric message that only merit and performance shall prevail.

Welcoming the new ‘Job Policy’ which promoted ‘Work culture’, Dr Beg said, “it was the need of the hour.”


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