Recruitment policy: Who is lying and who is speaking the truth; asks NC

KL Report


National Conference on Thursday called the New Recruitment Policy unveiled by the PDP-BJP Government as a cruel, anti-youth measure that would adversely affect the future of the State’s youth. Lashing out at the Government, NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said PDP was trying to test the patience of the youth by conceiving such a policy which is bereft of all logic and rationality.

“The Government through this Ordinance has proposed that all appointments made will be on a contractual period of seven years during which the employed youth will draw only 25% of their actual salary. Seven years is a long time to survive on peanuts and the sword would continue to hang on their heads as the local MLAs and DCs will get to choose who to retain and who to terminate arbitrarily at any given period of time. Once terminated, what are these educated youth supposed to do and since they will be over-age by that period – where does the PDP-BJP Government want them to go to earn their livelihood? This is a cruel joke with the youth by the PDP-BJP Government and they will pay dearly for going against the interests of the youth”, Sagar added.

Sagar also questioned the motive of the PDP-BJP Government to deviate from all norms and procedures of selection and giving powers to local administration at the District Level to make appointments. “To sideline the Public Service Commission and other centralized processes of recruitment, PDP and BJP are just paving way for huge, en-masse backdoor appointments. They have done away with all existing structures of transparency and want their MLAs and Ministers to dole out jobs to their kith and kin and on the basis of political affiliations – flouting all existing rules and regulations. This is unacceptable and illegal and has no legal or policy justification”, Sagar stated.

“One fails to understand why PDP-BJP Government wants to resort to such an adhoc, illogical policy when there is a just and sound recruitment policy in place in the State. We have seen that such policies were not acceptable to the youth of the State and NC Working President Omar Abdullah after ascertaining the feedback of thousands of youth made the necessary changes in the recruitment policy – making it just and fair for the youth. Now the same PDP which was opposed to any such policy measures of contractual appointment has said that it would make contractual appointments a permanent feature of the State’s recruitment process and wants to pay these educated youth only 25% of their salaries for the first seven years. This is sheer injustice”, Sagar said.

Calling for the immediate revocation of the policy, NC General Secretary said PDP was trying to perpetuate confusion and chaos by speaking in two voices on this grave issues. “One PDP Cabinet Minister says that this is a temporary policy and will be used to fill only a limited number of vacancies. As is the habit now, another PDP Cabinet Minister comes out the next day and says that this recruitment policy is permanent and all future recruitment will be made through this policy. Who is lying and who is speaking the truth? Mufti Sayeed as the Chief Minister of the State should clarify on this policy in clear, unambiguous terms and answer the anxiety that this Government has caused in the minds of the youth”, the NC General Secretary further added.


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