Reduce Numbers

in the state but also their influence in the decision making at a political and administrative level. Even in the sphere of operational matters of security, the armed forces should be a part of the J&K police hierarchy rather than being a parallel institution of power. To be sure, demilitarisation is first about the mind-set and then about the withdrawal of troops in the state.  It has an operational, and a symbolic aspect to it, besides having a strategic objective. It will symbolise a conceptual change in governance by the government, a growing leadership confidence in the state, and a politically courageous pro-active leadership at the national level. 
Further, the symbolism of demilitarisation is that the balance of power on governing, which has since the elections of 2008, titled in favour of civil institutions, should now lead to a situation where the democratic and civil society institutions are now given full charge of the situation to consolidate the peace process. At this crucial juncture, when public confidence is waning in the whole process, only a resolute effort propelled by political wisdom and vision could restore it. 
It needs to be understood that a withdrawal of the armed forces from all civilian areas, will create and enhance the stakes of the people in the peace process.
The process of demilitarisation will then create pockets of peace along with it and there can be no better way of generating an organic movement of peace than this. As such, the term demilitarisation refers to a nuanced process that not only has an impact on the ground at the Line of control, and state level; it also has national and international ramifications. The former strengthens our claims and the latter our case.

7.        And above all, the move towards trop reductions has to be seen, and made to be seen, in the context of the larger paradigm of resolution rather than the probability of increased violence in the state. This is based on ground realities.


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