Religious scholar in Bijbehara alleges army ransacked his house, Army denies


Army on Monday morning allegedly raided and ransacked the residence of religious scholar Moulana Altaf Hussain Nadvi at Sallar area of southern Kashmir, reports said on Tuesday.

Nadvi also delivers sermon at Jamia Masjid Srigufwara Islamabad, and is a noted columnist.

Speaking to Kashmir Life, Moulana Nadvi said that army men raided his residence at Sallar Bijbehara early Tuesday morning and started ransacking. They didn’t speak a word.

“The army ransacked whatever came their way including my household goods and religious books in my personal library,” Nadvi said, “They even abused me.”

A police official stationed in the area said that army has raided the house of Nadvi. However, he said, the army has conducted raids at many places in the area, not just Nadvi’s house.”

Meanwhile army has rejected the reports saying that it did not “ransack the house. “Army personnel have neither ransacked the house nor damaged any property,” army spokesperson, Col Rajesh Kalia told Kashmir Life.


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