Remove Tobacco Advertisements At The Point Of Sale :DM


KL Report


On the instructions of District Magistrate Srinagar, anti tobacco squad (ATS) headed by Food Safety Officer Srinagar Thursday removed advertisements cum sign boards of cigarettes displayed at various Points of Sale and shops in Srinagar city. The advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products has been banned by Govt of India under Section 5 of COTPA.

The squad along with Police and volunteers of J&K Voluntary Health Association physically removed these advertisement boards from various markets in Srinagar, today. Deputy Commissioner Srinagar has warned the traders and shopkeepers that if these tobacco advertisements are not removed within a period of one week, in compliance with the orders of the court, the same would then be physically removed by the squad and legal action taken against the defaulters.

The squad also imposed a fine of Rs. 2,300 on 15 persons who were found smoking at public places. Besides, two shopkeepers located at Forest lane Sheikh Bagh near the gate of Mallinson Girl’s School and a general grocer located outside Presentation Convent School Raj Bagh were also imposed fine for selling cigarettes, within 100 yards of the school in violation of Section 6 (a) and (b) of COTPA. The squad has recommended to District Magistrate Srinagar to cancel the registration of these shops.


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