Repealing AFSPA And PSA, AIP To Knock At The Doors Of Political Leaders

KL Report


Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Chairman, Engineer Rashid Tuesday said that it would knock the doors of every pro-India and separatist leader to join hands in repealing the contentious AFSPA and PSA from the state.

During a press briefing in Srinagar, Rashid told reporters that time has come that we join hands to relieve people of Kashmir from their miseries.

“I have already communicated many political parties and individuals including Omar Abdullah and Mufti Muhammad Syed and sought an appointment with them to frame a joint strategy, so that state and central government is motivated and forced to abolish these draconian laws,” Rashid said.

He further said that, “we are shortly writing letters to different political parties and leaders in this regard besides visiting them and will wait for their positive response till a stipulated time,” he said.

Coming down heavily on New Delhi for adopting insensitive approach towards Kashmir, Rashid said that New Delhi is humiliating and insulting the political leaders of Kashmir.

“New Delhi not only has been humiliating and under estimating Kashmiri politicians but also shielding ‘killers’ under the garb of AFSPA,” Rashid said adding that PSA has become a handy tool for police and other security agencies to indict innocent people of Kashmir


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