Reshuffle In Police Administration Likely In The Next Cabinet Meet: Kichlo

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Stating that reshuffle in police administration not a big issue, Minster of state for home Sajad Ahmad Kichlo said that it is likely take place in the next cabinet meeting. He however said that there was not any kind of disagreement between cabinet ministers on the postings of police officers.

“No, there are no differences between the ministers on the postings of the police officers. We are on it, and the reshuffle is very much on cards,” Kichlo said.

“The reshuffle is likely to take place in the coming cabinet meet.” Kichloo added.

Speculations of a rift on the postings of police officers between the cabinet ministers have been doing rounds for more than a month now, however government has been maintaining that there were no such difference.


  1. Dear sir,

    The article posted by of June, 01,2013 written by Shamas Irfan is an eye opener for the sleeping administration. The police men and officers are spending 24 hours duty for the public/countrymen. Mr Irfan is right in pointing out that” if there are set rules for promotions of KAS Officers in J&KState, the ambiguity over the elevation of KPS Officers has marred the career of around 300 DSP-rank Officers of J&K Police whose fight for better pay grades has no takers in the State’s Home Department”.
    There is a tiff over promotions of KPS Officers (DSP) to SPs rank whereas IPS Officers get their due promotion in set number of years of service an also it is prevalent in the adjoining states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand and many other States then why the J&K State do not differentiate between the KPS direct recruits and State Police Officers (Promoted Officers). The other adjoining States allow their Officers to have Badge of HPPS, HPS, PPS, UKPS on thjeir shoulders whereas in our State this is not so.
    “The recent promotions in J&K police took place in 2005 when all 74 DSPs of 1999 KPS batche were promoted as SPs.This was in line with their counter parts in the KAS and other combined Services. Now around 300 DSP rank KPS Officers of 2001,2004,2008,2010 and 2011 are fighting a silent battle for their promotion over the last many years, Mr.Irfan elucidated in a very intelligent manner in his article in Kashmir Life Weekly of 27th May,2013 being published from Srinagar(Kmr).Whereas their counter parts (fellow batch) KAS/Combined Services recruits of 1999 and 2001 batches were given KAS cadre due to G.O.386 Dated:1-12-2008 (in Governors` Rule) it needs its application to KPS officers as well by which all the combined services officers got promotions to KAS cadre in one go. The same G.O.may be applied to the KPS DSPs as they have passed the KAS/Combined Services Exam at the same time. In Himachal a, Punjab and Haryana there is no difference between two types of State services as they both enjoy the same pay/grade and perks.
    In KPS Officers (Direct recruits) the officers are Engineers, Doctors, Vety.Doctors,Agri.Technocrates and I hope they should not be demoralized by keeping them distance from their counterparts (KAS/Combined Services Officers who happen to be mostly simple University graduates and Post-Graduates only. The simmering Lava among the Direct Recruit KPS DSPs is gathering smoldering point to get them equated with other counter parts in KAS/Combined Services Officers. The KPS cadre needs to be depicted prominently on their shoulders to give them moral boost being direct recruits.
    In the end I hope the justice will be done to Direct Recruited DSPs at least releasing the next time-bound grade if not elevated to the SP cadre. Such exercise needs to give benefit to all the KPS DSPs who have put in continuous 5-years service in this cadre. If a non-gazetted recruit gets 4 to 5 promotion in the whole life why not KPS DSPs get at least three promotions in a period of 15 years. This will keep up their moral and technical expertise in discharging their best duties.
    I hope statement of Hon’ble Home Minister Mr.Kichloo’s statement is encouraging but it is requested to remove the long pending demand of removal of stagnation of Dy.SPs

    From: Dr. G.S.JAMWAL.


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