Tahir Bhat


The residents of HMT Mustafa Abad and Umer Abad are up in arms against the authorities for failing to repair and macadamize the old HMT road which locals call now “Shaheed Gowher Road.”

The road was macadamized few years back. However, the road could not with stand rains and developed potholes, locals told Kashmir Life.

File image of dilapidated road in Kashmir

During rains, the dilapidated roads turn into cesspools.” When water remains stagnant for a long time, It further damages road,” said Adil Ahmad, a local.

“Due to potholes vehicles have suffered damages. The dilapidated condition of the road poses risk of accidents. The road is vital as most of the vehicles including school buses pass through it,” said Mohammad Jamal.

Accusing the authorities for ignoring their plights, the residents demanded immediate redressal of their grievances.

The residents told that the authorities have failed to maintain and macadamize the road which has resulted in the immense hardships to the commuters.

They said that they approached several higher ups in this regard but unfortunately nothing has been done so far.”Despite assurances by the authorities, the department has failed to take measures to macadamize the road,” they added.

The residents appealed to the higher ups to look into the matter and redress their genuine grievances at earliest so that the people especially commuters here could feel a sigh of relief.


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