Resolve Kashmir Dispute For Better Future: Geelani Asks India & Pakistan

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Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani while commenting on the incidence of firing between India and Pakistan said that such undesirable incidents and loss of precious human lives will continue to happen, unless the Kashmir dispute is resolved as per aspirations of the people.

In a statement from Delhi, Geelani said, “that there are every apprehension that in future a small incident may add fuel to the fire which in turn may even create a disaster and destruction beyond our imagination.”

“Countries all over the world are striving for peace and over all progress in every walk of life but the two countries of Asian continent viz India And Pakistan are in a state of tension and war .The major part of their budget is specified for their defense while as on the other hand the common people are deprived off the basic amenities and are living below poverty line,” he added.

Referring to animosity between two nations, Geelani said that three major wars between the two and persistent cold war scenario is due to the unresolved status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking about the line of control, Geelani said that hundreds and thousands of Kashmir’s and even the Indo Pak soldiers have lost their lives due to this.

While commenting over the political interests of some western powers, Geelani warned both the countries that peace and tranquility in India and Pakistan being a big obstacle for these vested powers and are very keen to establish  their supremacy in the region.

Reiterating his demand for peaceful resolutions of Kashmir dispute, Geelani said, “it is my sincere advice to Indian authorities that without repeating the mistakes committed in past, they should understand the reality with regards to Kashmir dispute’’.

“The loss of human lives in Kashmir by Indian forces or over the LOC due to the conflict between the two countries, is a loss and one cannot feel joy. Irony is that the person who express his grief over the border incident’s should have expressed the same feelings when innocent Kashmirs were being killed both at LOC and within the territory of Jammu and Kashmir.”Geelani added

Referring to the tweets of Omar Abdullah, Geelani said that it is astonishing, “Omar Abdullah should ought to have commented the same way regarding six thousand unmarked graves. No body know who is lying in these graves, why they were massacred and what was the motive behind this. He is accountable for those who were arrested in broad day light and till now are not traced and their relatives are moving from pillar to post.”

“Anxiety shown by Omar Abdullah bear no importance as he never enquired about those innocent youth and students killed during the mass uprising in 2010. The killers were never asked or brought to book,” he added.


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