Restoration Of Article 370 Next To Impossible: BJP

SRINAGAR: Restoration of Articles 370 & 35(A) is next to impossible, stated Ravinder Raina J&K BJP president while addressing workers’ meetings at Sialsui, Kalakote in district Rajouri, reported Daily Excelsior.

According to the report, Ravinder Raina was replying to a joint statement given by Kashmir based parties to restore Articles 370 & 35(A).

Raina stressed that the controversial Articles 370 & 35(A) were like a “Wall of Hatred” that has been done away with as it has done nothing except digging an ocean of misunderstandings and retarding the growth and development of J&K. He said that due to these two controversial Articles, J&K has suffered for decades together and gave rise to terrorism, separatism and flared up Pakistani agenda in the erstwhile State so that no one will dare to do blunder again to restore these controversial Articles in which seeds of separation are embedded.

Raina said that the Kashmir based leaders are doing nothing except daydreaming as they are feeling restless to return to the corridors of power to enjoy all luxuries for themselves and their near and dear ones. He said that due to the pre-370 arrangements more than one lakh people have lost their precious lives in J&K because these pseudo-leaders were carrying on their duties with the hidden agenda of Pakistan.

The BJP president stressed that after the abrogation of Articles, the communities like West Pakistan refugees, Gorkha Samaaj, Valmiki Samaj, daughters of J&K, Gujjar-Bakkarwals and many others enjoyed the air of freedom as they were being discriminated on every issue earlier.

Raina said that the people have developed love and faith on Prime Minister, Narendra Modi led the Union Government and the BJP leadership that they will be delivered due justice in J&K under new arrangement now. He emphasized that masses have rejected the dirty politics of parties like NC, Congress, PDP, PC etc. and J&K is now progressing on the definitive lines of unprecedented development, reported Daily Excelsior.


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