Resume emergency duties in view of inclement weather: DAK to NHM staff


Doctors Association Kashmir today urged the government to fullfill all genuine demands of NHM staff especially Equal pay for equal work and maternity and gratuity benefits.

Dr Suhail Naik President, DAK said that NHM staff is on strike since last 25 days and Government seems unmoved while as peripheral health sector esp in far-flung areas is on the verge of collapse. He further added that on priority basis Government should issue orders regarding Equal pay for equal work as there are standing Supreme Court guidelines about it.

Dr Owais H Dar, General Secretary DAK said that Government must come up with a solid policy to mitigate the genuine demands of NHM staff. Duties of regular staff have been stretched to a critical level and beyond humanely possible limits. We are shoulder to shoulder standing with our NHM employees and we denounce all coercive tactics against them, added dr Imtiyaz Banday, spokesperson DAK.

Simultaneously, keeping the circumstances in view, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) requests NHM leadership to resume emergency services as a goodwill gesture in view of heavy snowfall and inclement weather.

Doctors Association Kashmir requests the Governor led Government to frame a solid policy regarding genuine demands of NHM Staff so that the matter may be amicably solved once for all. Comprehensive and inclusive health policy is the need of the hour.


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