Return of Awards: ‘These Writers Didn’t Utter a Word on Hindus Displaced from Kashmir’



Right wing RSS has come down heavily on litterateurs suffering from “disease of secularism” returning their “medals”, saying they had no problem in accepting the honours from those “guilty of anti-Sikh riots”.

It said nothing but the “Nehruvian model” was acceptable to these “secular pen artistes”.

“Some pen artists afflicted with the disease of secularism have returned their medals to protest attempts at distorting Hindu religion and destroying India. No matter which government the country wants, nothing but the Nehruvian model is acceptable to them.

These intellectuals were not hurt when they accepted the honours from those guilty of anti-Sikh riots,” an editorial in RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya said.

Noting that the “secular definition” of minorities is limited to “just one group”, it said, “they (these writers) did not utter a word on Hindus displaced from Kashmir because in their view Hindus do not have any human rights.”

The editorial claimed Jawaharlal Nehru had in 1938 written to Muhammad Ali Jinnah acknowledging cow slaughter as the “fundamental right” of Muslims.

“Nehru promised to allow cow slaughter if Congress ruled the country. Not only that, he said he would quit even prime ministership to allow cow slaughter to happen,” it said.

“But now, after the rule has changed, they (the writers) are unable to tolerate it. These intolerant intellectuals have made known their restlessness. They are restless because the ‘chair’ has gone, it hurts them,” it said. (Media Reports)


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