Return of Power Projects, AFSPA Revocation: Saroori Reminds PDP of its Promises



G M Sroori
The credibility of the PDP-BJP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir is at its lowest ebb due to failure on all fronts and rampant corruption, Indian National Congress Vice-President Ghulam Mohammad Saroori alleged on Friday.

Addressing a public meeting in the far flung areas of Tehsil Bunjwah, Saroori said, “from day one, when this government (People’s Democratic Party-Bhartiya Janta Party coalition) was formed, there is instability and uncertainty in the state.”

He told a large gathering of people that “prevailing anarchy and chaos in the state is a result of the failure of the system”, a statement by Saroori said this evening.

The former Congress minister observed, “the situation which is prevailing in the state since March 2015 still persists because the government has failed to bring transparency and accountability in the system.”

He also called the PDP-BJP regime a “directionless coalition” which has entered into an alliance “just to grab power”.

“Both the coalition partners speak in different tones on many important issues. Nothing has been implemented on the ground, as for the political promises, the promises of return of power projects, revocation of AFSPA, Article 35-A – every single promise has been abandoned,” Saroori said.

“The BJP leadership instead of working seriously for the people’s cause, has pushed them to the wall through its insensitiveness, callous attitude and mis-governance over the last one year,” he said. “Change is imminent on the ground and even after having read the writing on the wall the ruling party leadership has adopted ostrich like attitude and are now trying to mislead the people through fake promises and deceptive announcements. BJP is a story of broken promises which has not been able to fulfil a single promise to the people from time to time,” Saroori said adding BJP has a history of taking the people for granted by not fulfilling the promises it had made to them with the result it has completely lost its credibility and compromised its identity.


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