Indo-Pak Thaw: ‘Till Pakistan Consults Us, We Won’t Support Talks,’ Geelani Asserts

We Reject Any Imposed Solution: Geelani



Syed Ali Geelani

Commenting on the statement of Indian External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup in which he said that “all the issues will be addressed mutually between the two countries” meaning thereby that the “Hurriyat Conference has no role in it”, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Friday said that “any solution imposed on Kashmir will be resisted”.

“The basic issue between India and Pakistan is the Kashmir problem and it is not any border dispute between the two nations but it is the issue of the future of 15 million human beings living in the region and this issue can’t be solved without respecting the wishes and aspirations of its people,” he said in a Hurriyat (g) statement.

In his address to Pakistani rulers, Geelani said, “till they will not consult the Kashmiri leadership that what they are going to do on Kashmir with India and what is their future plan in this regard, we can’t support this process.”

Geelani made it clear that “any solution to the Kashmir dispute which is being imposed upon the Kashmiri people will in no way be acceptable to us and the Kashmiri nation will resist that at every level”.

“We are not begging for inclusion in the on-going talks process between the India and Pakistan but we want to clarify to both the nations that the Kashmiri people are not cattle or animals who can be driven by anybody without knowing their will,” he said, “the Jammu & Kashmir is the area measuring 2,25,000 Sq. KM where more than one crore and 50 lakh people are residing and the decision with regarding to their future is pending. Kashmiri people have international assurance that the final decision with regarding to their future will be according to their wishes and aspirations and no solution will be imposed upon them.”

The Hurriyat octogenarian leader said, “we are not against the pleasant and friendly relationship between the India and Pakistan and nor are we opposing the dialogues but we will not accept any such solution to the Kashmir dispute which will be against our freedom, our honour and our dignity. We are struggling from last 7 decades for our Right to Self Determination and we have sacrificed everything in this struggle. We will continue to give sacrifices for this sacred cause but we will not surrender our aspirations and sacrifices. Alike the people of India, Pakistan and the other countries of the world, we too have right to live the free and life of our choice and we will not allow anybody to snatch this right from us.”

He further said that the Pakistan have although continued to “support our Right to Self Determination” but they are yet to explain anything about the Kashmir issue in the on-going dialogue process which they have recently started with India and there is a lot of ambiguity in it.

“After the recent statement of Indian External Affairs Ministry, Pakistan too should clarify that what stand have they adopted in the on-going talks process with regarding to the Kashmir issue and what will be their future strategy in this regard.”

“Kashmiri nation is a peace loving nation and they does not like wars but until the India and Pakistan will take bold decision for solving the long pending Kashmir issue in accordance to the wishes, sacrifices and aspirations of its people, all the dialogues and peace talks will fail to deliver anything concrete and the present dialogue process will also meet the same fate which the previous talks had met so far,” he said.



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