Revoke advertisement ban on local newspapers: Dr Farooq at martyr’s graveyard


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference party president and Member of Parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah on Saturday led the party in paying floral tributes at Mazar- e- Shuhada, Kwajabazar following the annual observance of Martyr’s day.

Dr Farooq Abdullah along with other party leaders on Saturday paid glowing tributes to 1931 Martyrs.KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

Party president laid the floral wreaths on the epitaphs of the martyrs. Later he participated in the Fatiha khawani on the occasion. Scores of party functionaries, workers also offered floral tributes at the martyr’s graveyard.
Addressing scores of party functionaries, the workers party president said the incident of 1931 was the culmination of the growing unrest in the people against the oppressor and the tyrant. “The martyrs gave their life for securing dignity and self-respect of their countrymen. Never had Kashmir witnessed a forceful upsurge until 1931, a profound departure from the traditional stoism. It taught all shades of opinion not to imagine them separate of an all-embracing Muslim identity which subsequently became vibrant with the toil of Sher-e-Kashmir. Not just Muslims, Sheikh Sahib told masses that the ills of the masses can be remedied by carrying Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs together. It was the sincere sacrifice of the 1931 Martyrs that kept fueling Sher e Kashmir in his long struggle for justice and dignity. National Conference since its inception has symbolized the sacrifice of the great martyrs of 1931. The revolutionary party manifesto of Naya Kashmir was a comprehensive document that also echoed the genuine aspirations of the people of Kashmir in particular and the state in general.”

Speaking on the current state of affairs in the state, Party president was vocal in his support for the local press. While decrying advertisement ban on various local dailies he said, “Media plays a crucial role of gatekeeping and exposing the ills of society in a democratic setup.  It also exposes the loopholes in a democratic system which ultimately helps the government to undo wrongdoings, thereby making the administration more responsive and efficient.  However, the situation is much different in this part of the world. Today we are being denied a vibrant press. The sole reason behind the curbs is to pressurize the media fraternity from not reporting the issues of greater public importance. Today an unconventional version of democracy is being pushed on us. This all is done to suit the purpose of forces as are inimical to the special status of the state. The reason behind such unscrupulous and undemocratic gags on local dailies is to impede their impartial working. Putting curbs on the press is analogous to throttling democracy. It must end without any delay. The ban of Government adds to various local dailies should be revoked.”

Exhorting the workers, and functionaries to rally around the party flag party president said, “How can the ailing valley of ours be redeemed in absence of popular government.  Today our state, in particular, the valley of Kashmir inadvertently is caught in a blizzard. The forces are as inimical to our special constitutional position will try their level best to widen the communal tension in the state.  Such forces as want to rob our state of its flag, of its own constitution and of its unique constitutional identity will employ all sorts of dishonest routes to achieve their end. They will try to buy our conviction with money and muscle power. They will use their servile henchmen in the state to divide the voice of Kashmiri Muslims. They will try to fan sectarian strife; however, it is the unity that affords us a universal remedy against the intrigues of our enemy. At the same time, the gravity of the situation demands us to remain cautious of the veiled enemies that are propping up in every street of Kashmir playing catchy slogans. Their main aim is to demean the prestige of the NC flag because they know until ‘Hal flag’ flutters high in the state no power on earth would dare to touch Jammu & Kashmir’s identity. The Hal mirrors the aspirations of the state; it is the mirror of the objectives that were enshrined in the Naya Kashmir manifesto.”

Party president said the people of the state particularly the people of the valley are snowed under the relentless gags, diktats, bans, Curfews. “The gap between the government and the people has increased. On one hand, we are fighting for our identity, on the other we are denied our due share in development. Today the people of Kashmir are feeling alienated in their own land.”

“However the supreme sacrifice the 1931 martyrs will continue to motor us in our struggle against injustice. Their supreme sacrifice will continue to guide our steps. The coming generations will continue to draw inspiration from them.  The Martyrs of 1931 will continue to a beacon of humanity’s struggle for justice and dignity. I pay my glowing tributes to each one of them who are buried here and others well who are buried in different parts of the valley.

Earlier party president paid obeisance at the shrine of Naqshband Sahib (RA). The shrine in located in the vicinity of martyrs graveyard. Party president while paying obeisance at the shrine prayed for peace and prosperity of the state.

Among others party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, senior leaders Dr Sheikh Mustufa Kamal, Abdul Rahim Rather, Nasir Aslam Wani, Mubarak Gul, Shameema Firdous, Hasnain Masoodi, Ali Muhammad Dar, Pirzada Ahmad Shah, Muhammad Syed Akhoon, Ishfaq Jabbar, Irfan Shah, Peer Afaq, Tanvir Sadiq, Salman Ali Sagar, Imran Nabi Dar, Mushtaq Guroo, Manzoor Ahmad Wani, Syed Farooq Shah, Sheikh Rafi, Sabiya Qadri, Younus Gul, Ahsan Pardesi, were also present on the occasion. All the party functionaries, workers followed the party president in paying floral tributes to the martyrs.


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