Rich Ethnic Diversity Of Kargil Displayed At Cultural Evening


KL Report


As part of the 2-day Kargil Cultural Festival organized by J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages, groups of local artists Thursday evening presented rich ethnic diversity of Kargil in a jam packed auditorium in Kargil.

As many as 36 artists clad in traditional costumes performed Balti, Dardi and Purgi folk music and dance items to the delight of the audience who greeted each performance with applause.

The cultural evening followed the inauguration in the morning of the 7-day All India Painting Camp, the first ever held in Kargil, in which 14 artists from different parts of the country, besides J&K, are participating.

Artists from the valley of Garkone belonging to the Dard ethnic tribe presented song and dance items highlighting the race as brave, hardworking and the one that never compromises on self esteem and the tribe’s migration from the valleys of Gilgit, Naagar and Hunza.

The Purgi culture was represented by artists from Bodh Kharboo who presented songs and dances of joy, hope and peace. The Balti folk performances, presented by artists from Balti village of Hardass, depicted love and praise of a poet for his beloved as well as prayers for the health and prosperity of the people in the river valleys.

The programme was anchored by Aijaz Hussain Munshi who gave historical and cultural background of the ethnic groups represented in different cultural presentations.

The audience praised the performances of the artists and appreciated the efforts of the Academy for successfully organizing a wonderful cultural evening.


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