Road Shows In Saudi To Attract Tourists To Kashmir

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In an effort to attract the high end tourists into the Kashmir, the tourism department held road show events in various cities of Saudi. The shows focused to promote Kashmir as a holiday destination in the Middle East and in particular Saudi Arabia were held in Jeddah, Riyadh and Damaam on May19, 21 and 22.

According to a statement praising the beauty of Kashmir, Minister for Tourism G. A. Mir in his speech during the road shows said that Kashmir is welcoming the worldwide tourists especially from the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

“Kashmir has been often described as the Switzerland of Asia. However, in actual terms the main valleys of Switzerland are like the sideways of Kashmir,” he said and added “Kashmir has the same blue sky and brilliant sunshine, but its purple hills are on a far grander scale, and if it has no sea, it has lakes and rivers, and still more impressive snowy mountains.”

During the road shows Mir revealed that last year at least 26,000 Saudi Holiday makers visited India and many of them visited Kashmir. “We are keen to invite Saudi Holiday makers to come to Kashmir and experience its great culture, heritage, history, people, delectable cuisine, the intricate handicrafts and the world famous dry fruits,” he said.

Pertinently, the road shows in biggest city centers like Jeddah, Reyad and Damaam were organized to make the business tourism initiative a success and to encourage Saudis to choose the Kashmir as a major tourist destination. The tourism department is hopeful that the shows will attract the high end tourists.

Mir is accompanied with Minister of State for Industries and Commerce and Home Sajjad Ahmad Kitchloo, Director Tourism Kashmir Talat Parvez and Chief Executive Officer, Gulmarg Development Authority Tariq Ahmad Ganai.


  1. Minister of Tourism on a mission of Befooling the people of Arabia.
    This should have been the headline of your news item.He is comparing Switzerland with Kashmir. Kashmir where water bodies are polluted ,filth is scattered on mountains,every inch of once beautiful meadows is encroached.etc etc all by the grace of our ministers,legislators and poltical bigwigs.


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