‘Rowdy forces made us weep again’: JKDFP



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Terming the mowing down of Kaiser Amin of Fateh Kadal to death as the absolute brutality of government forces, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has said that men in uniform have again made us weep.

The party in a statement expressed deep sorrow and anguish over the fact that rowdy government forces are inventing new ways to kill and injure our youth and get pleasure out of it.

The party said that the people who are at the helm of affairs in Delhi and Srinagar are completely unmoved by the killings of innocent Kashmiris every now and then which is a matter of grave concern.

The JKDFP Spokesperson said in a statement that had the government forces personnel been brought to law, other men in uniform would not have to get encouraged. These forces are backed by the black laws like AFSPA and hence are enjoying complete impunity.

They (government forces) think to kill and injure freedom loving Kashmiris is in their ‘National interest’ and since they are being awarded and honoured for killing Kashmiri people, the forces perform accordingly.

Expressing serious concern over the ongoing human rights violations by the men in uniform in nook and corner of the disputed region, JKDFP Spokesperson said that running vehicles over peaceful protesters clearly indicates that men in uniform are not accountable anywhere.

The party Spokesperson expressed shock over the fact that Kaiser Amin was the lonely brother of two sisters who have already lost their parents. He said that Kashmir has become the land of tragedies and Indian forces have turned it into a real hell by killing, maiming and disrespecting the people of the disputed region whose only sin is that they demand the same right to self-determination which is promised and accepted by the international community. So, the same international community is morally duty bound to use its good offices to stop India from performing like a cruel imperialist against the people of Jammu Kashmir.


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