RSS holds rally in Doda; People term it an attempt to ‘incite’ communal violence

M Majid Malik


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers on Sunday took out a rally in Doda town of Chenab valley region of Jammu and Kashmir.

The RSS Pracharaks wore full length pants unlike past.  RSS march started from Ramleela ground and after passing through various markets and roads including old hospital road, bus stand, Dak bunglow road and culminated at Rameela grond Tonndwah, Doda.

Majority of the Muslims took the RSS rally an attempt to ‘incite’ communal trouble in the region. “We don’t understand the fun and motive of this march. We even don’t understand why the authorities allow such rallies given the fact that the region is restive and an ordinary incident has potential to snowball into a major controversy,” said a Doda cleric.

“State government is acting irresponsibly by promoting RSS in this sensitive region as was seen in today’s case and a similar one that took place in Bhaderwah town some days back,” he said.

A political activist said: “At the first place government should not have given the permission to the RSS workers to take out the rally as a minor incident could have set entire area on fire.”

“The Government should realize that this is not the time to stage political stunts.  People at the helm at the first place should not have allowed the RSS activists to come out of the Ram Leela ground,” he said.


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