RSS Statement: Not Worthy of Seriousness, says Hurriyat (g)



Terming the “mission Kashmir” of RSS as display of a “fanatic and apolitical thinking”, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) said that the pro-freedom people of Kashmir have neither got “terrified with the hollow threats of the rulers of India in the past and nor will they take it serious in the future”.

“They are struggling for their basic and birth rights and until the every single Indian trooper will leave the land of Jammu & Kashmir, this just struggle will continue in any way and at any cost,” a Hurriyat (g) statement said Saturday evening.

While commenting over the “advice of the RSS of dealing with the pro-freedom people with iron hand”, the Hurriyat Conference (g) said, “there is no form of atrocities and cruelty left which the India had not experienced on the people of Jammu & Kashmir during the last 68 years but all these cruel and barbaric tactics failed in changing the status of the Kashmir dispute and nor could it changed the inner of the Kashmiri people. They were against the forced occupation in the past and they openly challenge it on this day.”

“There is nothing new in the thinking process and pattern of the RSS and BJP which has come to fore in the recent meeting of these two fascist parties. RSS has once again advised BJP to follow the same ‘Kashmir policy’ which has miserably failed so far. India used its entire military power in the Kashmir and sometimes tried to buy the Kashmiris with different benefit, perks and perquisite but the result is big zero and after about 7 decades now only few people like Mufti Sayeed and Omar Abdullah sold themselves against these salaries and perks and there are no takers of India in Kashmir except these few people and contrary to that the freedom sentiment of the youth of Kashmir is more strong and firm and they want no compromise on Kashmir issue with New Delhi,” the statement added.

“If RSS and other fanatic people and parties will continue to pursue their rigid policies for next 60 years, they will get nothing. Every passing day will prove tougher and harsher for them and they will not succeed in suppressing the freedom sentiments of the Kashmiri people,” the statement said adding, “Hurriyat (g) advises the policy makers of New Delhi that they should open their eyes and accept the Himalayan reality and don’t insist on your failed policies on Kashmir. This will benefit the people of this country the most.”

“Kashmir has become a drain in the national budget of India and instead of doing any welfare for its poor people, they spend a major part of their annual budget on the military and defence establishments in Kashmir. Lakhs of people of this country annually die due to the starvation and no one is caring for them.


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