RTI amendment to dilute Information Commissions Autonomy: Hasnain Masoodi



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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference opposed the RTI (Amendment) Act 20019 in the parliament, saying the amendment will denude the institution of its autonomy.

Member of Parliament from Anantnag Hasnain Masood while participating in the discussion in Lok Sabha said, “The proposed amendment is a lethal blow to RTI movement and would denude the institution of its autonomy.”

Highlighting the importance of RTI in a democratic system, Masoodi stated, “RTI Act 2005 was an important milestone in history next only to the Constitution as it gave even poorest of poor right to have access to information and a role in governance.”

Masoodi pointed out that statutorily provided terms and conditions of CIC and Information Commissioners insulate the Commission against pressure and guarantee institutional autonomy. “Once terms and conditions are left to the Government and not statutorily fixed, the Government would be free to accomplish indirectly what it cannot achieve directly.” Hasnain Masoodi added that there were no compelling reasons to move the amendment and it was an attempt to run down institutions.


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