Sack officials reengaged post-retirement: Er Rasheed


Seeking immediate termination of all those retired blue-eyed bureaucrats and employees who have been re-engaged by successive state governments from time to time, Independent lawmaker Er Rasheed has asked Governor Satpal Malik to prove his words if he means in bringing transparency in the system.

In a statement, Er Rasheed said: “It is high time for the Governor to investigate all backdoor entries made during past ten years and especially by almost every single minister in PDP, BJP government.”

“The records reveal that the ministers have violated all norms and accommodated their blue-eyed persons in various departments and if Governor is sincere in giving justice to the youth of the state he must collect courage to probe every such appointment,” said Er Rasheed.

Er Rasheed in a statement said that even SPOs were engaged on political considerations and the racket became a money making a machine for the ministers and few police officers.

“While unemployment is touching all-time high should not the state government answer what is the fun to re-engage those Babus and Chamchas who had been like mouthpieces of politicians thus managing their reengagement after retirement,” he said.

Er Rasheed reminded Governor that the corruption and nepotism has more than one form.

He said:“May Satpal Malik explain if announcing additional one month salary for government employees who would perform election duties is not a moral corruption and the fact is that state government has been institutionalizing corruption by such shameful ways.”

“ Giving incentives, promotions, rewards, perks, and privileges in the name of carrying out anti-militancy operations is the worst form of legalized corruption,” he said.

Er Rasheed asked Governor to probe and cancel all the appointments made in the state legislative assembly and council since 2008 by violating all norms.

Er Rasheed offered his full support to Satpal Malik if he sincerely wants to eradicate corruption from the system but said that Governor has to restrain from mixing governance with the burning political issue of J&K and he has to first take some stern, direct and harsh decisions so that the genuine purpose is served and masses see a ray of hope at the end of dark tunnel.


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