SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Senior leader and former minister Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, has strongly condemned the killing of BJP workers. He said this trend of political killings is very dangerous and already totally crippled the democratic system in Jammu and Kashmir shall fully collapse.

In a statement, Sadhotra said that instead of giving proper protection and security to the workers of mainstream Political Parties, in order to create an atmosphere for the democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir the recent statement of Chief Secretary depicts arrogance and anti-democracy mindset of the present dispensation who doesn’t want to encourage the political and democratic process to take off in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sadhotra said,” 35-40%, about 13000 vacant seats of Sarpanchs, Panchs, speaks of how the present dispensation conducted Panchayat Elections and crying as its tallest achievement from the rooftop.”

National Conference leader added that the statement shows ignorance of the Chief Secretary on the then prevailing conditions from 1990 to 1996, the peak of the militancy.

“How the democratically elected Government headed by Dr Farooq Abdullah (1996-2002) did a reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure and improved the security scenario in the state. Schools were burnt, bridges were burnt, Hospitals were burnt, acute shortage of teachers in the Schools,” he said.

He said that the recruitment of teachers through Rehbar-e-Taleem scheme was started to ensure every school gets Teachers. There were no PRIs. Only in 2000 and 2011, Panchayat Elections were held under the leadership of Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah respectively.

“During 2009-2014 under the leadership of Omar Abdullah, many steps were taken for public welfare and Acts like Public Service Guarantee Act, Right to Information Act, Creation of Vigilance Commission and so many other steps were taken to have transparent, corruption free and responsive system,” he said.

He asserted that bureaucracy is no substitute to democracy and asked the present dispensation not to destroy the hard-earned democratic system and peace by blame game, ignoring and under estimating Main Stream Political Parties of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Our country is the largest democracy in the world. Such statements are not acceptable in the most sensitive and bordering Jammu and Kashmir,” said Sadhotra in a statement.

National Conference leader again reiterated that government should provide security to the workers of the mainstream Political Parties and emphasized that Chief Secretary should concentrate on it so that atmosphere for the democratic process could be created by taking confidence-building measures instead of talking here and there.

“Don’t project all is well. People know how they are suffering and facing in hands of present dispensation due to misgovernance and Disconnect and Institutionalization of Corruption in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Sadhotra in a statement.


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