Sainik Colony: Deputy CM Echoes Mehbooba in the House of Elders


Dr Nirmal Singh
Dr Nirmal Singh

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh told the House of Elders that there was nothing happening on the Sainik Colony front. He said some people are trying to disturb peace in Kashmir which will not be permitted.

Dr Singh was reacting to NC lawmakers who raised the issue. They were seeking response from the government on reports that some constructions were taking place in the airport area.

“It is army land and they have every right to raise constructions as per their requirement,” Dr Singh said. “These constructions are also taking place in Cantonment area but that never means the army is constructing Sainik colony.”

Dr Singh said that Sainik colony is a state government exercise and has nothing to do with army. The colony in Jammu was constructed by the state government, he said.


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