Sajad Hits At Geelani; Says Ex MLA Needs Political Counselling

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Reacting to the utterances of Syed Ali Geelani against Peoples’ Conference in a seminar on Sunday, Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Lone has cautioned Geelani that Peoples’ Conference unlike NC and PDP doesn’t have a guilty conscience owing to the roles played by NC and PDP in spilling the blood of Kashmiris and hence Peoples’ Conference will always call a spade a spade and will unabashedly react to Geelani’s “delusional” utterances.  PC Chairman Sajad Lone in a press statement to KNS has said that he has always had a firm belief that Geelani was the best gift that the status-quoist lobby in New Delhi could aspire for and his belief has been vindicated again today.

Sajad Lone said that Peoples’ Conference was aware that “EX-MLA” Geelani’s utterances to bring Peoples’ Conference at par with traditional killers – NC and PDP – must be a job assigned to Geelani.

“Geelani Sahib must come out of his delusions and stop thinking of himself as squeaky-clean being who is above all Kashmiris. He should realize that he is a mere mortal who is as answerable to the Kashmiri people for his disastrous political strategy (rather lack of one) as is everyone else,” said Sajad.

“The Kashmiri nation deserves to know what Geelani’s policy of back-breaking Hartals and Election Boycotts has achieved till now? He should desist from his post-winter-vacation sermonizing and realize that his delusional and errant politics has economically enervated the Kashmiri people and he has contributed greatly to their economic subjugation,” he added.

Sajad added that till date the net-result of Geelani’s election boycotts is the reinvention of the NC and  the invention of the PDP and its appears that Geelani now is in a mood to or is on an assigned job to reinvent the Congress in the Valley.

“Has nobody told Geelani Sahib that people do not heed to his boycott calls, because unlike him they have the wisdom and foresight to understand that the boycott of elections and the resolution of the Kashmir Issue are two separate issues that have nothing in common,” said Sajad while lashing out at Geelani.

“We advise Geelani Sahib to come out of the time-warp that he is ensconced in and acknowledge that these boycott-calls are assigned to him through his cronies depending on whose political errands they are running at a particular moment,” he added.

Advising Geelani, Sajad said, “we advise Geelani Sahib to look beyond his self-appointed, self-anointed and self-seeking self and instead offer selfless atonement for political crimes committed against the Kashmiri people. Peoples’ Conference is ready to offer Geelani Sahib political counselling and a reality-check so that he comes out of his delusions.”

Sajad Lone stated that Peoples’ Conference believes in ‘Change’ and will work with utmost passion and dedication to realize its slogan of ‘Change’. PC’s dream of ‘Change’ is to move Kashmir from a state of indignity to a state of dignity. ‘Change’ is imperative and ‘Change’ we will bring irrespective of Geelani Sahab’s theatrical rants. The daily travails of thousands of Kashmiris, which include heirs of our martyrs, queuing up outside residences and offices of NC and PDP leaders might be a delight for Geelani Sahib’s eyes but not in the eyes of Peoples’ Conference. PC understands what we are pitted against, be it disempowerment, indignity, poverty, persecution, corruption or a general state of political orphan-hood. Kashmiris needs a redress of their grievances and their day-to-day problems and rather than queuing up outside the gates of the murderers of their martyrs, the aim of Peoples’ Conference is to offer them a strong, pro-Kashmir political alternative that isn’t splattered with the blood of innocents. Let us all come forwards and provide Kashmiris with succour and relief with dignity and facilitate their economic transformation, growth and independence. We firmly believe that the best bet is to empower Kashmiris economically before making political decisions because an economically secure and independent Kashmiri will be more politically resilient and stable than an economically impoverished Kashmiri. Unlike Ex-MLA Geelani Sahib, we are not deluded to think that Kashmiris are so wealthy that they are not faced with day-to-day issues of governance and economics.

Sajad Lone stated that PC doesn’t want to go into the whole issue of selective and prioritized revocaaion of PSAs against Geelani Sahib’s cronies and proactive application of PSAs against those he views as political threats to him in the Separatist Camp, as people are wise enough to notice such aberrations of apparently unquestionable ideals. In the same manner, the issuance of protest calendars and then their subsequent and abrupt cessation in 2008, 2010 and now recently don’t need any pointers – Geelani Sahib lies exposed in front of the Kashmiri nation.

Sajad Lone added that he really wants Geelani to introspect and ask his conscience – whose side is he really on – the side of the killers of Kashmiris or the side of dignity for Kashmiris?

“It is time for Geelani Sahib to come out of his deluded sense of grandeur and face reality as it exists. It seems that Geelani Sahib has forgotten that he stooped to the level of having a secret accord with Devender Rana, the ex-advisor of the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah,” he asid

“The new role of Geelani Sahib is to issue protest calendars and surreptitiously withdraw them after secret pacts and negotiations with various government agencies. We feel sad about how Geelani Sahib – a leading light of the separatist movement and a senior political figure – has finally devolved to the level of a PDP Halqa President – running party errands for them, ensuring tactical support for them in elections while all along fooling the Kashmiri people by issuing boycott calls and castigating others,” he added.



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