‘Salaam Kashmir’ Gets Postponed Again

KL Report


Salaam Kashmir, the movie completely shot in Kashmir gets postponed for the third time. The movie, which marks the comeback of its director Suresh Gopi, is a Malayalam action drama film.Salaam_Kashmir

Earlier the film was titled as Kashmir and it was changed to Salaam Kashmir.

The film is getting postponed for the third time. The movie was slated to release on Oct 8, but the director announced that the movie will be getting released on October 11 as the technical works of the film has not been completed. Later it was scheduled for October 18 and now the movie has again got postponed to 25th Oct.

Salaam Kashmir revolves around two men, Tomy Eeppan Devassy and Sreekumar. Sreekumar is an unemployed family man who does all the domestic work expected from a wife. Into this peaceful world, enters Tomy, disrupting the domestic bliss and brings out an unexpected twist in the life of Sreekumar, where he can no longer be with his family.


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