Sangarmaal to Get Entry From MA Road, Finally




The iconic Sangarmaal shopping complex is going to get a new entry from MA Road very soon. Srinagar Development Authority (SDA) which funded the project moved to dismantle the structure Thursday built on the Estate land which housed some key officials from the government.

The entry from the MA Road, shop-keepers say, was crucial since the road was a key thoroughfare and remained abuzz with traffic and commuters.

Built at a cost of Rs 18.50 crores on area of seven lakh fts, the Sangarmaal was inaugurated in 2010 amid massive fanfare. But shortly, the project ran into rough weather as shop keepers alleged that the SDA had “deceived” them because many proposed structures including the Multiplex and Amusement park were yet to come up.

The SDA had maintained that the part of land on which the proposed facilities were to be built was under the Estates. Earlier this year, CM Mufti Sayeed has personally intervened in the matter and assured the aggrieved shop keepers that the land transfer from the Estates would be expedited.

“The land was given tour possession in October,” a senior official from the SDA said. “We have begun the work. We are building an amusement park there.”


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