Scholar Sameer Hamdani’s Book On Sectarian Reconciliation In Kashmir Released


SRINAGAR: Kashmir scholar Hakim Sameer Hamdani’s book on sectarian conflict and the subsequent reconciliation was released at an impressive function at Kani Home Zakura. The function was attended by scholars, researchers, scribes and book lovers.

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Scholars, scribes and book lovers were in attendance at the book launch function at Kani Home in Zakura where Dr H Sameer Hamdani’s book on sectarian reconciliation was formally released on March 4, 2023. The book was published by Bloomsbury Publishing London. KL Image: Fayaz Najar

The book Shi’ism in Kashmir: A History of Sunni-Shi’i Rivalry and Reconciliation was published by global publisher Bloomsbury Publishing’s London chapter.

Prof Sidiq Wahid and INTACH convenor M Salim Beg presided over the afternoon function as Muhammad Maroof Shah and Raashid Maqbool reviewed the scholarly work in an open-air gathering. The book is the second major publication of Kashmir’s prominent scholar. His earlier book The Syncretic Traditions of Islamic Religious Architecture of Kashmir (Early 14th–18th Century) filled a wide gap in the history of Muslim architecture and his new book on sectarian issues in Kashmir is perhaps the first serious scholarly effort to address the issue.

Dr Hakeem Sameer Hamdani’s book, Shi’ism in Kashmir: A History of Sunni-Shia Rivalry and Reconciliation, released in Srinagar on March 4, 2023. KL Image Fayaz Najar

Scholars who have read the book asserted that the bold effort is aimed at skipping the assumptions and rooting the evolution of the relationship on basis of recorded history.

Responding to a number of questions at the conclusion of the function, Hamdani hoped his exercise opens the area for further research.

Currently the Design Director at INTACH Kashmir, Sameer prominent returned after completing his post-doc at MIT, USA.


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