Schools Reopen – Picture Special


After schools resumed on Monday across Kashmir, students adoring uniforms of different colour spread bright scenes all over. Kashmir Life’s Photojournalist—Bilal Bhadur captured some scenes through his lens.

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Time to get back to schools. The kids following chains to ensure their presence in the first day after winter break end today.

Moment of Collective Prayers. With schools back to function, schools assemblies also resumed.

A boy attending morning assembly on the first day after three-month-long winter vacation ended today.

Standing tall on the day first, while morning assembly gathers the young souls after a winter lull culminates.

Relaxing muscles. As norm, students follow the commands in schools for physical activities during early morning assembly.

This crowd is for noble mission. Girl students busy in attending the morning sessions.

Hands that seek divine blessings. So, it was the time for ‘collective catharsis’ as well.

All heads directed back to knowledge centers. And then glimpses were showering synergic scenes.

Now the period of vacations will be under scanner. This boy is ensuring to take his ‘assignment’ project with himself on day first, perhaps to stay in good books of his teacher.



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