Scientists Are Born In Schools: Omar

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Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Saturday underlined the need of catching students as young as possible to ignite desire of pursuing high goals of science and technology in them. He said this can be done at the school level by creating scientific temperament and providing ample opportunity to boys and girls at the elementary education level.

“You cannot make scientists of repute at the university level but these are born in schools”, he said and called for giving children free hand to experiment and discover by themselves the secrets of science at the early stage of their life. He said his proposal for science museums at Srinagar and Jammu is to provide an open field for the boys and girls to get in touch with various aspects of science at their young age and discover the ‘scientists’ living within them.

Addressing the gathering before rededicating CSIR-IIIM Lab to Nation with Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Jaipal Reddy here, the Chief Minister said that the rich potential of Jammu and Kashmir in bio-technology and IT fields could not be harnessed owing to the long period of disturbance in the State.

Omar Abdullah said that IIIM Branch Srinagar was shattered during the period of disturbance.

“Its functioning came to stand still, scientists and teachers left the institution and security forces stayed here”, he said adding that with the rooting of normality, IIIM Srinagar started breathing again.

The Chief Minister said that he was keen to restore the Institution to its full functioning and developing as an Institute of repute and fame. He lauded the support provided by the Union Government and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) in rejuvenating the Centre back to normal functioning and upgrading. He mentioned the efforts of Director CSIR-IIIM, Dr. Ram Vishwakarma and the Science Advisory Council to Chief Minister in this direction. He also referred to the support of various Union Ministers in the rejuvenation of this Centre at Srinagar.
Highlighting the importance of CSIR-IIIM Centre in the holistic development of a State like Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah said that the potential of Valley as an aromatic and medicinal plants production area, besides the State’s vast bio-diversity, are the best resources for economic betterment and job generation for youth. He said leather industry has promising future in the Valley as this part of the Country is on the top of the list of mutton consuming States and there is huge abundance of sheep and goat skin available to manufacture leather goods. He said this is the area which could provide substantial jobs to the locals.

Omar Abdullah said that for location disadvantage, the Valley is not in a position to freely transport items of huge volume as such the policy of high value low volume production of goods is the befitting one for Kashmir. He said production of medicinal and aromatic plants and extraction of oils, etc could be high value and low volume items of production for the people of Valley to earn handsome remunerations.

The Chief Minister said that his government has focused to utilize science to address socio-economic and unemployment issues. He said CSIR-IIIM can prove an important Centre of research for the State in this direction.

In his speech Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Jaipal Reddy made five announcements to upgrade and strengthen the CSIR-IIIM in the State. He announced Central support for two Bio-Technological Parks, World Class Value Addition Centre for Aroma, State-of-the-art Leather Centre, Science Museum and Academy of Scientific Research.

Jaipal Reddy lauded Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah for his keen interest in developing science temperament in the students of the State and utilizing intervention of Science and Technology to seek welfare and development of the State. He assured the support of his Ministry to the State in its this endeavour.

“The performance of Omar led Government has been satisfactory not only for his well wishers but to all”, he said adding that the admiration for young and dynamic Omar Abdullah has been silently growing in him since the day he heard Omar Abdullah’s five minutes spell bound speech in the Parliament which was not only the best for its eloquence but its substance and earnestness. Omar has grown strengthen and as Chief Minister of the most difficult States in the Country his performance has been satisfactory not only to his well wishers but to all”, he said.


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