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Reacting to Omar Abdullah’s impetuous concern for protecting secular ethos,  Naeem Akhter, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief spokesperson on Friday said that this sentiment for secularism  appears only when the personal stakes of National Conference and the Congress are at stake.

In a statement Akhtar asked “where was this secularism talked by Omar Abdullah when Afzal Guru was picked from serial number 28 and sent to the gallows without giving an opportunity to approach the Supreme Court or meet his family.”

“Wasn’t that a worst kind of communal card that was played by the Congress and National Conference was an equal partner in that most blatant denial of human rights as the family of Guru was deprived of a last chance to meet their son,” Akhter asked.

The PDP spokesperson said that Omar Abdullah conveniently forgets and also wants people to forget that he made his political debut in alliance with the NDA and for his junior minister’s job the state was made to sacrifice its most prestigious power projects, ban on shahtoos and put a moratorium on the recruitment of government jobs and not only that the NC government was first to extend POTA (then only POTO an ordinance) in the entire country and unleashed all kinds of repression on the people.

“It is the National Conference that conveniently pocketed the insult of its Autonomy resolution being trashed and sent to dust bin without even a murmur or protest,” Akhter alleged.

“Farooq Abdullah’s election to the Rajya Sabha was made possible with the support of BJP members and similarly the party received support of BJP members in the council election which is now a part of the legislative history of the state,” he added.

Akhter said that PDP will continue to focus on the issues that it has always pleaded for and looks at the prospects of making the government only as a means to achieve those objectives which have been clearly spelled out by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on January 25.


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