Security agencies creating false narrative, misleading New Delhi: Er Rasheed


Appealing New Delhi to understand the significance of resolving Kashmir dispute, AIP President Er Rasheed has said that New Delhi is seeing entire situation in Kashmir through “military prism” and is relying on just security agencies to overcome Kashmiris.

While interacting with deputations from Pulwama, Qaziagund and Budgam in Srinagar today Rasheed said that a section of top police officers and other security agencies are busy in claiming successes by killing militants only for their personal benefits and want New Delhi to keep hostage with their own narrative of whatsoever is happening in J&K.

“It is strange that Kashmiris get killed, blinded, jailed and humiliated everyday but still the blame is being laid on them. Not only common masses but militants always speak about resolution of Kashmir dispute in a peaceful way but New Delhi wants every Kashmiri to surrender as it has been given the perception that whosoever challenges the false narrative given by security agencies should be either eliminated or forced to shut his mouth,” a spokesman quoted

Rasheed added that the funeral of militant commander Zeenat-ul-Islam should yet again make New Delhi to revisit its policies and those celebrating over death of the militant commander Zeenat-ul-Islam need not to forget that public perception rejects their narrative. Unfortunately a perception is being created as if “armed youth” take up to arms after seeking approval from politicians, their parents and whosoever speaks about resolution of Kashmir dispute and security agencies neither talk of their atrocities compelling youth to take arms nor want to listen that New Delhi has a history of broken and fake promises.


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