Sehrai condemns attack on Kashmiris outside state



Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, on Saturday strongly condemned the arson, vandalism and “brutal assault” on Jammu Muslim community particularly on Kashmiries, and urged the authorities to take immediate measures to ensure the safety, so that minorities and especially Kashmiries in Jammu and outside valley aren’t intimidated or harassed.

Quoting Sehrai the spokesman called recent attacks perpetrated by some groups against Kashmiri and local Muslims in Jammu only tend to increase the regional tension in the disputed state of Jammu Kashmir. Don’t use TiT for TaT as an excuse to harm, attack and harass Jammu Muslims.

While appealing restraint from all sides added that there is no justification to attack vehicles and other properties of a particular community or to attack stranded Kashmiries for none of their faults.

Expressing anger and anguish, Sehrai has urged law enforcing agencies and civil administration to ensure protection to all sections of people without being biased. He said no one other than Kashmiries can feel the pain of bereaved families better than them, as we have been passing through this turmoil for decades.

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