Sehwag mocking Kashmir killings reflects his mental bankruptcy: Rasheed


Coming down heavily on twitter celebrity and former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag for calling killing of 200 militants in Kashmir at the hands of forces a “double century” incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed on Saturday said that it speaks volumes of “mental bankruptcy of a section of Indian celebrities”.

In a statement Rasheed said, “While security agencies can justify the killings calling it their professional duty, it is disgraceful and painful that Sehwag is mocking the violence in Kashmir.”

“These celebrities could have played a vital role in not only acting as ambassadors of peace and harmony but could have also acted as powerful track two diplomats between India, Pakistan and Kashmiris to ensure a peaceful resolution to the dispute for securing a better life to billions of the people of the subcontinent who have given them tremendous love, name and fame,” Rasheed said.

Engineer Rashid (KL File Image: Bilal Bahadur)

He said that unfortunately their vision and mindset too seems to have been kept hostage by fanatic elements and ultra nationalist media and are thus adding fuel to the fire.

“Let these sick minded people like Mr Sehwag understand that these irrational and senseless statements create more hatred towards India in Kashmir and increase their resolve to fight New Delhi’s history of broken promises.”

Rasheed dared Sehwag that if he is truly worried about peace then he should raise his voice against “state terrorism” as well and should condemn the attack on Kashmiris lodged inside Tihar jail.

He said, “Let Shewag visit victims of Tihar jail and offer his apologies on behalf of the celebrities before mocking the deaths in Kashmir. If Indians can’t end their hatred against Kashmiris even lodged in jails and will mock the killings where are the chances of reconciliation or a meeting point. Let these celebrities understand that Kashmiris are not criminals and listening their voice will become a compulsion for India sooner or later to safeguard its own interests.”


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