Selfless public service political motto of NC: Omar


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Omar Abdullah addressing party workers in Jammu

Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also Working President of National Conference Monday asked the party workers to work tirelessly to achieve the motto of selfless public service enshrined in National Conference political agenda.

Addressing the reception function organized by National Conference Jammu Province functionaries here on the opening of darbar, Omar said that National Conference represents public aspirations and selfless service to people has been its goal all along.

He asked the workers to strengthen this characteristic of National Conference and work for the cause and welfare of the State and its people.

Omar said that power has never been the objective of National Conference. “Our political goal is public service, unity and holistic development of the State equitably”, he said asking the party workers to strengthen the coalition at all levels so that promises made by the government to the people are fulfilled with commitment.

Omar said ‘government never makes party but party makes government to serve the people’.

He said that coalition government has made public service benchmark of its governance and workers have to strengthen the government to achieve this stupendous task. He told the workers to reach out people in every area, respond to their genuine grievances and work for their redressal at the government level.

Talking about the achievements of the coalition government during last three and a half years as numerous, Omar said that party workers need to make public aware about the historic initiatives taken by the coalition government on development and peace fronts.

“You should tell the people of the goals realized on development front and measures afoot to give necessary fillip to economic growth and creation of jobs for youth” he added.



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