Seminar on ‘human rights and education’ held at KU


A day-long seminar ‘Human Rights with special focus on Right to Education’ was held at University of Kashmir on Monday. It was organized by the Department of Law.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi presided over the inaugural function and called for imparting proper education among individuals to have them develop respect for rights of other individuals.

“We cannot bring about this change with laws and legislations alone. The moral and ethical values in us shall come through proper education and orientation that we, at both individual and collective levels, need to respect the rights of each other,” he said, adding:  “It is education which shows us the way forward and once we start cherishing the real value of universal education, we may have an ideal society where human rights of all individuals are respected.”

Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir, Prof Mehraj-ud-Din Mir said: “These basic rights or human rights are born with us and one is entitled to these from the day he or she is born. Though there are laws to ensure these rights are protected, the problems arise when there is a huge gap between law in books and the law in action on ground.”

In his remarks, Justice (retd.) BA Kirmani said if even 50 percent population of the world starts respecting human rights of others, the problem would get resolved and the society would become a better place to live in.

Referring to situations around, Justice Kirmani added: “Space for public debate on such issues is shrinking with each passing day and it is here where the Universities can play a crucial role in shaping the opinion of the society.”

Prof Anand Paliwal from University College of Law, Udaipur presented a keynote address while Prof M Hussain, Dean and Head, Faculty of Law at KU presented a welcome address. Prof Hussain also highlighted the aims and objectives of the seminar.


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