Separated In A Global Village, Two Families Mourn In Isolation This Sunday

SRINAGAR: The modern world is very complex and sometimes painful too. With people moving across continents to make a living or to pursue their careers, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to have an emotional support at a time when they need it.

Small Family : Nyla Ali Khan with husband and daughter

This Sunday, two tragic deaths took place and in both the cases, the dead were separated from their extended families. In one case, a person died in US and the extended family is in Kashmir and in other case, it was reverse.

Dr Faisal Khan, the son in law of Prof Suraiya Abdullah Mattoo died in US. He was the husband of late Dr Ali M Matoo’s only daughter, academic, Dr Nyla Ali Khan. Dr Khan had flown to Srinagar last fortnight and paid a visit to his parents. He is the second son of Hashmatullah Khan, former VC, SKUAST. Suraiya Mattoo is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. Dr Mattoo passed away at the peak pf Covid19 in 2020. Now both mother and daughter are widows.

Dr Khan and Nyla live in US where the latter is teaching at the local community college and he was practicing medicine. They have a daughter, Iman. They live in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Though not many details were immediately available, reports said Dr Khan had gone on a hunting tour where he died. It is not known he was hit by an arrow or a bullet. The news report would be updated as and when there are more details.

Prof Nusrat Andrabi

Oklahama has an organized hunting system for deer, antelope and the bears. Though the season starts in September, the deer hunting is October. Reports from the area suggest that owing to Covid19, lot of people have opted for hunting because it helped them to stay away from larger gatherings and recreate. Almost 140 thousand hunters, mostly bow hunters, kill an average of 30,000 deer’s in a hunting season.

Sunday morning also saw the death of an academic, Nusrat Andrabi. A vibrant teacher, who retired as the Principal of the Government Medical College M A Road, Srinagar in 2003, was not keeping a good health for some time. Interestingly, Nusrat studied in the college, became a lecturer there and eventually retired as its head. Her entire life was within this particular college. Her husband, Dr Mohammad Amin Andrabi, Kashmir’s Allama Iqbal specialist who headed the University of Kashmir’s Department on Iqbal, had died of cardiac arrest in 2001. They were survived by a daughter and a son.

Family sources said their daughter is settled in New Zealand and son was also outside India. Neither of them was in a position to fly to Srinagar at such a short notice. She is being laid to rest this afternoon at their ancestral graveyard.


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