Separatists except Mirwaiz, Civil Society ‘not impressed’ by AAP phenomena

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While the political mainstream has already appreciated the Aam Admi Party (AAP) electoral performance in Delhi, almost the entire separatist leadership and civil societies in Kashmir seem not to have been impressed by the Kejeriwal phenomena.

Except for Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the AAP party debut win Delhi is being termed ‘irrelevant’ as far as its role vis-à-vis the resolution of Jammu and Kashmir is concerned.

Mirwaiz had said that Kejriwal’s party must reach out to the people of Kashmir also. He had further welcomed AAP’s win

“They AAP under Gandhian cloak, wears RSS shorts. We have seen their intentions in the past when in May this year, almost 200 families went to Delhi to protest against the human rights violations inflicted on  them by the authorities but it was Kejerwal’s party that disallowed them even to speak to press,” said Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik.

He further added that the people who went to Delhi in May this year including the 36 families of those whose men were sentenced the life imprisonment were humiliated by AAP there and that the families only were raising concerns for the human rights violations and that  the visit had no political agenda.

“I was beaten up ruthlessly there and was sent back to Kashmir. Syed Abdul Rahman Geelani arranged the press meet for Kashmir’s human rights victims at Delhi’s press club but AAP that surrounded the press club and didn’t allow the same.” Malik further mentioned that APP might be an honest political party for their own people but for Kashmir, its agenda is ‘irrelevant.’

Huriyat Conference (G) chief spokesman Ayaz Akbar stated that the national interest of all the political parties at Delhi is same vis-à-vis Kashmir and that the new parry would never accept the just struggle of the people here.”They are all one, when it comes to Kashmir and they will never accept Kashmir as a dispute.”

Dukhtaran-e-Milat chairperson Aasiya Andrabi told KNS that the national policy at Delhi will always remain same vis-à-vis Kashmir issue and that all the political parties have the same agenda for the resolution of Kashmir.  “All are same for us, whether it is PDP, Congress, BJP or even AAP. Therefore the AAP win at Delhi is not even debatable.”

Dr Altaf Hussian, Kashmir’s civil society member while commenting over the issue observed that the win of AAP and its debate being generated here is a ‘misplaced euphoria’. “No one will ever be allowed to become Kejerwal here as everyone in Kashmir is a selected one and not an elected one.” He further mentioned that the statements of some political parties here about Kejerwal’s win is aimed to ‘hoodwink’ people and spread the feeler that if AAP could win in Delhi, why not a common Kashmir.

Dr Altaf stated, “The elections in Jammu and Kashmir are always rigged and manipulated. Other states can draw inspiration from AAP but for the people of Kashmir, it will always remain irrelevant.”

Professor Sheikh Showkat Husain, noted columnist and writer while commenting over the AAP wave in valley told KNS that there is a segment of people within the Kashmir society that tends to worship the rising sun and that the realism says that AAP win is totally irrelevant for Kashmir and its people .”You have to make difference between posture and the post. The national policy cannot be even touched even if Kejeriwal becomes Prime Minster. “

“Once the Pakistan minster said that whosoever comes to power in Pakistan, three policies of the country cannot be changed. One is Kashmir, second is relations with China and the third one is nuclear weapons. In the same way there are some policies of the Indian government that cannot be even touched and one of them is the Kashmir issue,” said Professor Showkat.

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